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Where Today’s Technology Meets
Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Good customer service is knowledgeable, great customer service is also thorough, understanding and personal. Today’s automated responses, web forms and over-seas call centers have turned great customer service into a thing of the past. But at VIRASEC, you can still expect to be treated like a person, not a ticket number.

Immediate Assistance
At VIRASEC, the person who answers the phone, is the expert who will immediately assist you. Our friendly engineers and technicians truly go out of their way to quickly respond to every issue and question about your company’s network. In fact, according to a recent survey, the quality our VIRASEC Icon Services clients appreciate most is our unrivaled responsiveness.

Personal Attention
While other companies are using technology and automation to isolate themselves and limit contact with their customers, VIRASEC works hard to build solid relationships with all our clients through direct contact. We know our clients on a first-name basis, understand their company’s network needs, and help make their workday trouble-free.

Open Communication
Just as you would expect from an in-house IT department, each of your employees can contact VIRASEC directly with all their computer questions. The freedom of direct access, combined with our unlimited end-user support, means there’s no need for a “gate-keeper” on your staff to filter support requests. We work directly with the person needing assistance to ensure the best solution.