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Experience You Can Trust
Our team of engineers and technicians have a decade-long track record of identifying the best technology options and implementing solid, practical solutions for our clients. VIRASEC Icon Services staff members possess IT experience you can rely on, now and as your business grows in the future.

Knowledge That Stays Put
Distributed knowledge is one of the greatest challenges in today’s IT environments. When an IT employee leaves, whether from an in-house staff or from an outsource company, they take their experience with them. VIRASEC’s policies and processes of documentation assure redundancies in skills and knowledge across our entire team.

Hundreds of Networks, Thousands of Implementations
Unlike a typical inhouse IT staff, our experience is not limited to a single network. Thousands of integrations, configurations, and deployments have been performed by VIRASEC on hundreds of networks.

Tens of Thousands of Requests
VIRASEC has worked to resolve over 30,000 end-user requests. No mystery unsolved, no client unsatisfied. There is no substitute for real experience.