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All-Inclusive Support
All on-site visits:
• Hardware replacement
• Printer installation and set up
• Laptop and desktop installation and set up
All support for network devices:
• File Servers
• Database Servers
• Directory Servers
• Web Servers
• Email Servers
• Laptop and Desktop Computers
• Mobile Devices and Smart Phones
• Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
• Printers and other peripherals
All support for business software applications:
• Financial Software
• Productivity Software
• Database Software
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Web and Email software packages
All support for your staff:
• HelpDesk
• Remote Support
• General software and hardware questions
All network administration tasks:
• On-going network monitoring
• Around-the-clock notification
• Upgrades and Patches
• Management of User Accounts
• Disaster Recovery
• Security and Back-Up Systems
All technology vendor management:
• Software Maintenance
• Hardware Warranty Support
• Internet Service Provider Support
• Telecommunication Vendor Support
All systems consultation:
• Future Network Upgrades
• Telephone Options
• IT Budgeting
• Hardware and Software Acquisition
• Business Continuity Planning