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Installation Services

Support on a Per-Project Basis
VIRASEC offers many services to companies outside of our Icon Services community. From network consultation and new server integration, down to troubleshooting the unexplained minor workstation malfunction, VIRASEC is ready to lend our technical skills and unmatched responsiveness on a per-project basis.

Total Project Life-Cycle Management
From beginning to end, VIRASEC is prepared to handle acquisition, through installation, integration, and configuration of:
• Servers
• Wireless Networks
• Laptop and Desktop Workstations
• Routers, Switches and Firewalls
• VoIP Phone Systems
• Peripheral Devices, including Printers, Scanners, Cameras
• Email and Database Systems
• Business Software, including Anti-Virus and Spam Control
• Disaster Recovery

1000’s of deployments, 100’s of servers, 10 years of satisfied clients
Our staff of experienced engineers have performed hundreds of server installations and over 2000 deployments of network devices and software, fully configured and integrated into our clients’ workflow.